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you won’t heat up like I said you would I know you follow around all the pretty girls saw you lay on the ground like the win was hers I know you said, “come to bed” I’d rather drink them alone & watch the college instead & pray they reach for the phone. But God knows they won’t call you wont grow up like I said you would I know they left it out for a later day you stood on my back but got called away the river’s warmer while you’re swimming & in the seat of your car the sweat will drip from your pores from all the things that you bought that she just turns & ignores cologne will cover my buzz I thought as I tried to prove I’m not the father he was I’m not the father he was but I look so much like him
Soothe Me 02:58
It's unexplainable the way that you talk about me at all about me at all You're so relatable Your talking gets like I was alone like I was alone But I don't like the ocean in my eyes You like your daughter sober You were right about me I'll never get that bag from the lake that bag from the lake Later on you said we'd carpet up that place on the floor that place on the floor You're calling back a lightweight It's different than you wanted
Come Down 03:15
You’re so heavy I’m without to talk about the way you open mouths I pass often by your house, but you look around like I’m something now It’s a come down see you later miss it more than the way you open up my space In cold you’re like my breath, & I will sink around you like you’re in my life & you & I would walk like the burden hadn’t met
Pressure 03:44
I know what to call it cuz I’m a little bit older A pressure on the waistline around a lover in the background & any way you word it I’ll never be alright The callous of your old friends A picture of the front yard You’re praying for a weekend maybe I’m the one that’s wrong. Yesterday, “like I’m not sorry?” “I never said I meant it anyways” But it’s not about that
Sunday 01:22
Come back over like you said but we both know that that’s a lie pull that curtain from your chest you’re spilling light out from behind you are the light I love to feel
Cooler Pt 2 03:52
I like your hair but they’re pulling it out from the furniture you left the lake on a lighter note, but I could tell you were crying home I felt different lying on the sand while you washed out You pulled my foot to let the water rush around my chest I like the way you wrote but at the bottom I found the note from all the people you hang around & I could I tell you were laying down I left work the week you came around the box lay still you pulled my letters from the kitchen drawer you’re pressed to fill All you ever wanted to do was prove me wrong
Dryness 02:51
I’m the dryness in your mouth the weight of contact watch you dance around the house they’re calling us back it’s the patterns tracing dusty on the floor looking like someone you’d stay up for crawling under like you push it back to where it started Will you wait around the bed you’re kicking off sheets Trace a knife around your head you wanna show me It’s the way you’re standing barefoot next to her every time she’s home like you felt it
Porcelain 02:47
I wonder about you often collected another coffin but you were saying, “I don’t even know about the other boy” You left it with open payment you caught me with others can’t even sleep around you what’s the point of leaving out the “anyways”? Remember our still vacation? you glow in the past but I never speak about it it’s the way that you just turn your head again. You’re calling on the light warm fracture The belt it sits, it’s next to nothing You’re caught between it you’re adjusting like you’ll stay in the car you’re caught between some other girls you remind me of
Light Out 03:15
When you asked about last week you opened sideways brushed the color off your cheek you see it my way It wasn’t light out for a while Little later on we spoke You found me open When you bring it up I’ll choke Like I was hoping & then i saw your face in the crowd with 2 daggers for your eyes a serpent’s tongue in your mouth I dreamt you up & you called me out it’s like trying to teach the kids all something but they don’t know how
Not Around 02:07
Gush 04:25
Every single time I let you under pushed another to the edge I wonder But you were not that old feeling Pushing like, at all Like I need anything at all In the night you let me wake I felt it Left the car out by the lake we held it But you were not like that bleeding carry the purse back Like I need anything at all Why don’t you wanna talk about it?


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released November 17, 2017


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Gleemer Colorado

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