A Brother on the Carpet and a Brother at the Beach

by Gleemer

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This album is about a young guy who has a kid that he wasn't planning on and the events thereafter for the next 30 years.

I recorded everything in my bedroom.

Here are two music videos:




released June 29, 2013

Corey Coffman — Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting, Engineering

Matt Roberts — Production ideas, Lead guitar and BGV on "Bedroom"

Eric Malone — Piano on "A Warming Before the Great Shift"

Jack Garland — Everything visual for everything I ever do.

Find him here: deathofaphotographer.tumblr.com



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Gleemer Colorado


Gleemer is Corey
& Charlie

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Track Name: Party Boys
You got the rocks stuck in your skin
where there should have been a shirt sleeve.
The indentation from the sand,
and the heaviness of alcohol.

So, you set all the bottle-traps for poisoned girls
while they lied to their daughters on the phone.

It started at your ankle then,
like the water,
we just drew you.
Your sweet, sweet stomach lied about the heartbeat of your father.

Oh, wash over, my lover boy.
Track Name: Chrysanthemum
Icy drinks and girls you think you love
are sitting too far away from you.
You see winks belong to covered gloves
below the other family's tablecloth.

So choke your job for all it's worth
when too-hot-cars are your whole earth.

You like your daughter sober.

Oh you vomit on the floor,
and, oh, you're losing.

Around your feet lay all the shoes and shorts
from all the other players on the court.
You stumble past the coach and hit the wall.
Behind the other bricks your family sighs.

So rest your golden horse's bones,
and let your brother take you home.
Track Name: Bedroom
He rolled eyes on the side of the road
said, "I'm all by myself."
She held hands from the edge of the bed,
kissed him all by herself.

You told me about your diseases,
and how you rolled around with all the boys
in every state and every town you slept in.

And oh the promises that you broke.

He gained hope in the back of a room
with a faint cry for help.
My dad told me the front of your yard
is a death trap.
Track Name: Elk
Somebody got arrested.
The local law enforcement brought us all a badge.

We all started our step-father's habits
above eroding layers of ourselves.

And it is all that you talk about.

I'm glad he got invested
among the kind of men who thought he was a jerk.

We all started our step-father's habits
above eroding layers of ourselves.

And it is all that you talk about.
Track Name: Dog Flies
You live in my headboard.
You live in my backbone.

And the doctor said it's not the shape,
but the colors that bring my insides to the table.

Ball and chain you broke my heart in two,
Ball and chain you wrap around.

You wrap around.

You stole all my girlfriends.
You tore all my posters.

And my father says I'm dying for the surface,
but the pictures I draw of outside hide my failures.

You're the last one I thought of.