Death Sky, Soft Eye

by Gleemer

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I could feel the airplane engines the way I felt my lungs when I sawed you open. I could feel the warmth of beating hearts in my pillowcase. Is this what you were hoping? a body torn open. I could feel the weight of iron split open my neck after time spent in prison. Their eyes they hung like spiders in the static air. Tear away the womb in front of me. Tear away the webbing with your teeth.
Kim watches the room for me, as I change out my clothes. She watches the room for me like always. I'm clutching the grass in spots I'm sure that no one goes. Let's watch the hillside as it burns. You, you're soaking up the blood that I have spilled again. She hated the room for me, as I lost track of time. She hated the room for me like always. He's crushing the ground in spots he's sure that thoughts might grow. Pink skies for miles on every side.
I'll ride down the river for the baby that I lost. I'll ride down the river for my girl. I sit and think of all the times I thought we'd tossed, and I don't wanna blink cause I'm too scared. And you're trying hard to reach your family, but they won't answer you. I swear I'll find you if it takes up all my heart, and all the empty rooms inside my place. The skin peels back on all the skies I look upon, and oh I don't feel much like a man. And you're trying hard to reach your family, and I'm trying hard to leave the city, and we're trying hard to be alone tonight.
Oh I spend my days tired of who you are. My son, you know you disappoint me. Oh she spends her days happy with who he is. Lover, why would you forsake me? And I'm tired of the way that you speak, and you're tired of the way that I move you, and you're tired of the way that I feel, but I can't change that. I'll awake and raise a heart from the ground too soon. Set the waste upon the table. Then stumbling out the door my knees will dig in the earth. I bet you'll sleep right through the whole thing.
Aren't you sick of all the ways he looks at you in the house you live when no one else is home? Fear, it sleeps alone as you hurry off the phone to hide the cigarettes that no one ever smokes. And oh, it takes your bones away, and you're running down to pray, you're running down to pray, you swear you're running down to pray. Young fine love is knocking down the door you brace against in the belly of the hatred of yourself. This man is not your husband, but you think you're so sure he'll walk away that nothing here feels wrong at all. And oh, the rocks are falling.
She hadn't told me the night of her falling temperature, and I won't see you again in the house where you live.
You killed the cub I put my money in the cupboard for my baby cause I know I'm gonna die. You found the old red shovel I had used to cover all my promises and all my lies. Do you miss her, or do you just miss not being alone? Oh, Lila, I see you and your daddy was a brave marine your mom was playing tambourine Oh, Lila, I see the way you're tired of their nervous sweat, the things that they won't ever get, and I don't feel nice at all. All I've been reaching for is looking like a lover, though I'm not quite sure just why. She's far too much for me to hold away from home, but I promise I'll be back in time.
I love you, but I know you need me. I'll kiss you though my heart's not with me. Cause I'm just a vein in your body. You pawned what you stole, and you gave me a hole in the side of my head where I sleep. She's a failure, but you know she needs you. Rip me back again from this love I'm stuck in.
Am I so very thin, the apparition in your skin? The bottles edge is closer to your thigh. The lumps of bone they move beneath the waves of flesh, as you move towards me. Hey there pretty lady, I'm inclined to know your name. And oh, it takes your bones away, and you're running down to pray, you're running down to pray, you swear you're running down to pray. Am I just whispering the things you want to hear? The waters edge is getting closer to your thigh. I swear I love you, though you're not quite good enough, but I don't say that.


This album was recorded in the off hours at the studio where I worked in Brooklyn. Gleemer is me, Corey Coffman with extra cool stuff from lots of my friends.

Thank you so much to Matthew Brian Roberts for additional tracking (bass on every song, additional lead lines, tambourine, BGVs, acoustic guitar, etc.) all the way from Colorado, and generally making this album better.

Cover art by Jack Garland:

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released January 5, 2013


all rights reserved


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