Holyland USA

by Gleemer

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Recorded and mixed in my basement.
Mastered at Space Magnetic Studio.


released April 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Gleemer Colorado


Gleemer is Corey
& Charlie

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Track Name: Weekend Sisters
Believe me she’s got a lot to think about.
She’ll be downstairs just as fast as she can.
Besides being pregnant with my only son
she’s struggling with the understanding
that I might leave her
that I might.

He had a temper like his father.
Just said enough to understand.
He had his charm down to a science.
I always knew he never loved her
but I wondered
if he might love me
if he might.

Swallowed your guts when you found me in the open
Oh, my God
Track Name: Coast Cruiser
It all looks better now.
Maybe we won’t have to pay for it.
Maybe we could put off doctors.

Your sister’s crying now.
Maybe you should tell your mother,
but she’s making out with her boyfriend under
your soft eye.

Your ears they’re digging you a hole.

It’s not alright
to see your father
tearing up the house with all your favorite pictures,
the walls that broke your heart and fixed you
cold cold cold cold like the motor we bought you.

So drive that thing away
from your father
you’re tearing up the coast
the road will bend your shape
you’re leaving now a bloody trail
that clings hard hard hard hard to the side of your body
hard hard hard hard like the day that you met her

So parking lot it is,
cuz we’re getting kinda sick of bitches,
and my friends don’t really know I’m out here under
your soft eye.
Track Name: Track and Field
You tried to adopt,
but you lost your nerve around their courtesy.

“Let’s all try to find your wife some paperwork,
so she can feel closer to being a mom.
I know you said it’s not quite in your budget now,
but you’re the man that needs to find a quicker way out.”

You rode up the coast,
but you lost your nerve around your parent’s eyes.

I loaded the bleachers in high school when I broke his nose,
and the fights with my parents all end up where nobody goes,
and you hate your mother, and I hate my father for leaving
just cause I’m not his baby, and he knows that we don’t share blood.
Track Name: Midnight Streetlight
Roll over,
let the blood take her,
cold towards the foggy bridges.

She was your lover,
but she drank from the gore that made them ageless.

She left a letter explaining
taped to your bedroom mirror.

Disguised and drawn kickstart the dirt-bike and gun off towards the lighthouse.

Your teeth were sharp like theirs.
You were the answer to their prayers for death.
Track Name: Tooms
If I try leaving you Leanna,
you might just find out what you’re worth.
If I try leaving with my eyes closed,
you’ll get it bad, but I’ll get it worse.

And the girls begin to wash my eyes.

You open up from all the open wounds on backs you follow.

Sally forgot him for you,
you’re “a talk” to her now.

If I try shutting off our basement,
the stairs alone will hide you fine.
If I try cutting all your hair off,
you’ll get yours but I won’t get mine.
Track Name: Iowa
You got a baby
with a man who’s much too lazy.
With his loaded dolls and TV walls
you bought him out.

So tell me all you got for making sense
was below your neck accosted.
Melissa I saw your grandma’s eyes
in the only place you lost it.

So just beat beat beat the olden times to bed.

And release the expectations in your head.

Say you’re sorry.

Cause you’ve got a knack for losing bets,
and all it goes below me,
and the grey of that apartment tears your hair out.
Your hair out.
Track Name: Honeybear Pt II
I’ll go drag the river for the man I could’ve been.
I’ll go drag the river for myself.
I used to think about the times I knew we’d tossed,
and how I’d fake a smile to know it’s over.

And you’re trying hard to leave your family,
but they don’t know the truth.

I swear to forget all the ways we used to love,
and empty all the banks I planned to keep.
You covered all the jewels you once showed everyone,
all to disappear into the graveyard.

And you’re trying hard to reach your family.
Track Name: Casino Nights
It takes you so much higher just to sit back down.
You’re feeding on her cold smiles. Try to read blank stares.
No you don’t know half of the shit we put you through.
You walked into a nightmare
waiting to come true.

Take what you think is yours.
Take what you think you deserve.

The needle leaves a bittersweet kiss on your arm.
What used to be euphoric only gets you down.
You’re making it unholy with blood across the floor.
A pity prayer to Jesus,
“Christ we all give up.”

A different choir for the same old song we’ve all heard.
Track Name: Blood Moth
In and around you,
the blood it flows through.

What’d you spit it all out for?

And my body, its seams, they open up.

Steel wraps around you,
crushes and stabs through.

What’d you rip it all out for?
What’d you read it aloud for?
I watched you leak out through the floorboards.

I lost myself in the fire.
I lost my lunch on the ground.
I pawed around for a body underneath the shadow of the moth we’d found.
Track Name: Ghost Dancer
You said you were a ghost dancer,
old as your mother told you.
She was a good girl,
when you fell to the floor she said she loved you.

He said he was the “best answer”,
gold that your mother sold you.
Believed the witchcraft of the father
that swore that he would hold you.

They could’ve walked, but they didn’t know.
They could’ve talked, but they let it go.
They couldn’t see what was left of us was empty.

And I know now.
It was there all along.
And I know now
through whispers and songs.
And I know now,
we were the chosen.

I know now.
Track Name: Single Dad
Boys go chasing girls
trading cigarettes for curls.
Hometown college love
reminds you why you moved here.

This place is different now.
For her your limp arms drape around.
Let the sting of loss
remind you how you got here.