Moving Away

by Gleemer

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josh henry
josh henry thumbnail
josh henry somber but driving. fantastic album Favorite track: Cool Back.
Aaron Wolfe
Aaron Wolfe thumbnail
Aaron Wolfe Not one bad track -- this record is incredible. Had it on repeat for the past year. I threw in some $$ for the "press this shit on vinyl" fund because I definitely want this on my favorite big wiggly CD format Favorite track: Long Hair.
jean paul hare
jean paul hare thumbnail
jean paul hare If MBV and Dinosaur Jr. had a kid...and that kid was a tastefully somber Colorado band...that would be Gleemer.
S∆ND thumbnail
S∆ND There is no band that makes this kind of sound. Absolutely fantastic. The sort of songs that get buried deep in your mind and become more and more emotional as the meaning of the lyrics blossom slowly with each repeated listening. Every word, every guitar note, every whirr and drone, are chosen carefully; even with this much noise there is nothing drowned out, it is all precision and imprecision perfectly contradicted to envelop the listener in Corey's beautifully sad mind. Love u guys! Favorite track: Champ.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
Jeremy (HI54LOFI) thumbnail
Jeremy (HI54LOFI) this is why you shouldn't make 'best of the year' lists before December Favorite track: Heater.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson thumbnail
Tom Johnson I love everything that Gleemer does more than I love my own life. Favorite track: Long Hair.
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released December 4, 2015

All songs written by Gleemer

Corey Coffman - vocals, guitar
Matt Roberts - guitar, backup vocals, keys
Charlie O'Neil - bass, percussion
Graham Moore - drums, percussion
Aaron Goble - trumpet
Hannah Moore - backup vocals

Engineered & Mixed by Corey Coffman
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden

Jack Garland - cover & cassette design, photography
Hank Vohrer - cover coloring

Cassette release by 80N7

If you want me to mix something for you please hit me up at



all rights reserved


Gleemer Colorado


Gleemer is Corey
& Charlie

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Track Name: Gauze
You're learning from the contact
who tore it from its blue seams.
You're asking for me.

Last week
with the girl you met in high school
who smells just like the old nights
you spent at the house.

Do you remember
how we used to be?
Cologne in the bathroom
where we used to read.

I lost you in the storm.

like the things you said in college.
You promised in the summer
you'd mention my name.

was the peril of the weekend
when you wanted all the bad lights
to color the same.

& I like that you were the only one
pulling offers for all the shit I'd done,
but you were not like them.

I lost it on you the other day
cause I'm scared that these things'll never stay.
You only remind them.
Track Name: Heater
You left the car all alone by the light ones.
You're relatable now that we're older & all I saw.

You pushed my feet to the bone to remind me.
I just left it all out in the basement & couldn't speak.

& while I was kissing you were spinning daydreams.

Cause it's not like I don't see
or rely on you baby,
but I don't wanna go there.

I feel so useless when I'm around you.
You collect it all up, but I'm barely another friend.

On the way to the back you remind me
that I'm not what "you said". I'm not "in love".

& I left for hours effortlessly waiting.

Like I don't wanna go there.
You just work me up.
Put a staple in the counter.
I'll be late again.
Track Name: Fall Out
Tired eyes.
Feels like we're falling
so far away from where we sank when I was swimming.

You fall out of touch,
talk in voices turned to whispers.
Your pictures of love,
not enough to keep me sober.

I've seen what you've done,
but the call is much too heavy.
You took away the fun
telling me I was mistaken.

Slow your hands.
Feels like I'm losing
the clearer eyes I felt when nothing here was moving.

Caught between my lover's heat & your offers.
Track Name: Lily
You're all I saw
on the night you came over.
You're pushing awful like I said.
You're pushing awful.

You called my house
on the night that your parents
were crawling over all you said.
They're crawling over.

But I'm not without my failures.
You left your wife behind my stable eye.

You can't even call me a liar.
You can't even call it a stable ground.
You can't even call me a liar
when I wasn't there that night.
Track Name: Cool Back
Carry out my mind.
You will suffer like
you lonely eyes.

Push around my baby.
We're hoping for newer property.

But you lay on your cool back.
You never even laugh around me.

You call me like
you're cheating heartburn.
I'm sick of sleeping alone,
but I don't wanna go out.
Track Name: Champ
Hot like the afternoons
when you kiss her on the mouth.
Locked on the common ground
you won't say you love me now.

Cooled by the waterside
I'll just wait till you find out.
Pressed up against my door
you'll just say "he's different now."

He dissolved like the blood
that you had called for on my afternoons.
You were right all that time
to feel like nothing you said made a difference.

Hot like the summer night
when your brother went to state.
Framed in the parking lot
you left all the things you hate.

Laid down across my lap
you said "do I still calm you down?"
Promised a later day
that just spilled out of my mouth.

& I lost my phone in that summer water
the night your brother left town,
& I could feel your hands move through that river
across my chest for the last time.
Track Name: Trade Up
Your older brother
was pushing like he should.
He left the water.
What'd you push him out for?

Do you ever wonder
what it looks like from down here?
I could call you mother,
but it's such a mouthful.

Trade up for life without.
Stretch your college form.
Track Name: Dragging
It pulls me down
when you're not around.
Around the lower
Ari doesn't recognize me anymore.

You pulled me out
into the street to shout,
"you found a girlfriend, but god,
she doesn't care about you anyways."

You look just like I said you would.

We sat that night
under the fading light.
You said a lot of things,
"I hate the way I spend my time in summer now."

I lost my ends
in front of all your friends.
I spend a lot of time
thinking of the way I let my parents down.

We sat that night
under the fading light.
I spent a lot of time
thinking of the way I let my parents down.
Track Name: Long Hair
You sit under.
You see it like you want it to be seen.

It was like you said I stayed up for months.
Will this damn headache open up for once?

Like I loved you in the first place.

You left me in the car there
to think about the long hair
I held when I was sober.

Like the pace of it all when you tear me out,
like the cut in the sheet or the way you shout.

You're the last one I thought of.